Have time for TV?

August 2, 2011 10:38am CST
Hi myLotters, I am from Hyderabad and have moved to Bangalore for the job. Hope you all know these places are in India and known across the world. So, I have purchased a TV and installed it in my house. the first thing I do after waking from the sleep is to turn it ON. I live single in my apartment and turn ON the TV and watch any of the channels, it gives me a feeling somebody is accompanying me and makes me feel that I am not single. Mostly, I watch the sports channels especially Cricket or Tennis and then switch to News channels and then to the business channels. I go to work in the afternoon and come back at mid night. even then, I turn it ON, watch it for a while and then shut it down. Gives a sigh of relief when you are pretty down and you seem to be disturbed. There are lot of channels and you can come back to normal within no time if you watch it. I love my set and really care it!!! Loving TV!!! Happy Lotting!!!
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