Absolutely a gem of a brand!

August 2, 2011 10:55am CST
Converse - the name suggests it all. The logo itself is really fantastic and is certainly a START. I have no clue that many people know that this is a subsidiary of Nike, the foot wear giant. I consider this to be an absolute gem of all the leading brands, be it the kind of footwear, clothing they have. I am very fond of this brand have quite a good number of shows and T-Shirts. I first purchased converse shoes and then started purchasing its T-shirts as well. I do a kind of marketing of this brand to my friends and relatives and encourage them to purchase a lot of Converse stuff. The kind of designs they have in the footwear and its apparels are absolute beauty! Go Converse go! You will have a continuous support of mine and encourage people to use it.
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• United States
16 Dec 11
I've bought a couple of pairs and some T- shirts from them. The sneakers are built to last, had my first pair for 2.5 years and counting.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
2 Aug 11
I like Converse a lot as well, but I only know their shoes to be honest, I don't have anything else made by Converse. But the shoes are great, I really like them, and have several pairs. So I agree with you, based on what I know about them! :)
• Malaysia
2 Aug 11
I heard this brand before but never brought any T-shirt or shoes of this kind of brand. For you, what are the differences between Converse and other branded items? This is something I wonder every time my friend said about Converse.