My addiction is taking over!

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August 2, 2011 12:59pm CST
I am a creative person. Creative people are suppose to be messy aren't they? Since I was little I have been crafty. In all my years I have amassed quite a bit of everything! I am a jack of all trades so when I see something I want to try I go for it. When I worked if I had extra money I spent it slowly acquiring my addiction. I no longer have my art room so now my stuff is everywhere. I have bags of vintage fabric in my extra bathtub. Sewing supplies in the hall closet.(thank god I only hand sew because I don't know where a sewing machine would go!), paints in the top of the kitchen cupboard, jewelry supplies in top of bathroom closet, dremel tool, woodburner, wood carving tools in boxes a top fabric, crochet stuff next to my bed and a huge trunk full of miscellaneous. This doesn't count what's in storage. You think with all that I would download it right? Get rid of what I don't use alot?! That's why I call it my addiction. I cannot get rid of it! What if I get that sudden urge to create and I don't have what I need? I can't just buy more because I don't work now. I think I just need one of those organizing people to help me with it all! Btw I don't have a junky house like you see on hoarders. My house is clean and not messy, I jut have fact stuff in various places. So what is your addiction? Do you collect anything that seems to be taking over?
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@Rosa26 (2620)
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5 Aug 11
I realy don't like to see my house full of things, its make think stoken, even thought your house is clean you said you have a lot of stuff so I don't think is very nice that, but anyway that is not my house I don't live there so that is not on my bussines, but addited? I think I don't have any collecting addiction, each time that I wacth the hoarders show, I feel afraid to become one of them so I try to have in my house only what I need.