Are you a Relationship Junkie?

@zhawee (875)
August 3, 2011 7:38am CST
The once natural progression of finding a mate has drastically been altered by modern society. There is now a whole maze of confusing signals, strange rule, etiquette and behavioral patterns that can hardly be called natural and seem to be mastered only by the chosen few. We are, by design, social creatures. We want to belong and we want to be cared for. For someone of us, this argue is so strong that it will override.
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@aimend13 (51)
• United States
3 Aug 11
I wouldn't say I'm a relationship junkie, as I've never even had one. As much as we are social creatures, I don't think you need a romantic relationship to feel good about yourself or to make yourself happy. I believe that if you have a fulfilling life with a great job, friends, and hobbies that you are invested in then you can be just as happy as you would be in a relationship. Romantic relationships should add something to your life, not be the main goal of it. At least that's what I think :)