Defeating desperateness

@pogi253 (1587)
August 4, 2011 3:30am CST
Desperateness is a feeling that can be far more damaging than facing loss and disappointment. When you are out there trying to achieve your goals and you fail to attain them, as long as you still have confidence and trust that you will sooner or later reach your goals, you will keep pressing on. When you feel desperate, that's when you are in risk of just giving up on your dreams. Everybody can feel that way. It's the societies who will keep going, who will never let themselves to lose faith, are the people who attain their goals and dreams in life.
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@celticeagle (120516)
• Boise, Idaho
5 Aug 11
I think desparateness comes from a lack of self esteem and self confidenct. And trying to hard to be excepted can get you into trouble on several levels. WIthout a positive attitude and favorable self esteem a person is goint to waste time on unimportant things and not get where he wants to be.
• Philippines
5 Aug 11
So you are viewing desperate as negative? There are people i know that link it to positive. Even myself, when I am desperate to make things happen, it really happens. I more like if I am desperate because I can face anything and I bravely take the risk because I am desperate. IF I am not feeling desperate nothing will happen to me. BUt not to the point that I will step on some other's shoes, or being desperate for no good reason. It is just about my dream or my goal. I am like this, I need to be desperate to be determine. But I know the two have different meanings on some.
• Philippines
4 Aug 11
Well, in order to defeat desperateness, you just have to stay calm and focused. Being desperate means being hasty and needy. That also means being clouded in judgement and straying from the right state of mind.