Exchange programmes in Schools.

August 4, 2011 9:21am CST
These days there have are many new activities that are being introduced by various schools. I heard my daughter saying that there is a german-exchange programme happening in my school. After that i logged on to her school website and read about these programmes. And then next day..when i talked to her again..she said ' i want to be a part of this'. I then talked to the teachers and researched on this. I found them quite interesting but maybe when she hangs out with students from Germany, London, France or Australia..Her way of thinking may change..I know she knows what is rght and what is wrong for her..but isn't there a chance? They also say with these students they will participate in many activities like dancing, singing, pottery etc. But the problem is the student she will get as a partner will have to stay with us. And we will have to take care of her expenses. What do you people think i should do? Allow her or not?
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@06MLam (622)
4 Aug 11
I think you should allow your daughter to join the programme if you can afford it because this gives her a chance to know people from different parts of the World and make more friends from all over the World. This can boarden her horizon as she can know about the different cultures around the World. I think she will be fine and not learning any bad behaviour because she is going to stay with you most of the time still.