Google is Revised CIA

United States
August 4, 2011 11:08am CST
Did you know that Google the spy is the revised CIA? Google does not only store your online activities and supply them upon court order or by request of other government officials, Google inhibits other search engines from producing extensive search results and is acquiring almost everything to make itself omni-clever. If you value your privacy, then start avoiding Google products and services. Google can divulge your information upon court order: In one Beaumont, Texas, case (In Re John Does 1 and 2, a SLAPP suit aimed at revealing the identities of anonymous bloggers) Google is subpoenaed to reveal the identities of anonymous bloggers. The John Does moved to squash the subpoena and the court denied the motion, ordering Google reveal the identities of bloggers. Google and Microsoft (sorry, Bill) both have capability and capacity to track and record your electronic activities; and the government, in violation of the rights of people, relies upon these two for surveillance: Microsoft will attempt to discriminate on programs you load on your computer and Google (being most commonly used) will inhibit other search engines from accessing documentation it, Google, has directive to suppress. Google’s Online Health Record: Because Google’s Online Health is not regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Google does not have to worry about your privacy or your security - May 19, 2011 – Google Street Map was in the Houston Greenspoint area taking 3-D pictures of every angle of individual building on blocks. Google Acquires Over 1,000 IBM Patents - Google Acquires The Dealmap, maker of software for Androids and iSO devices - Google the revised CIA is not satisfied with its current level of domination in the electronic world. Google is accusing Microsoft, Apple and others of "hostile war" - While I am not sure why independent Bill Gates would stoop to this practice, you can defend your rights to privacy by avoiding products and services that infringe upon your civil rights. I found that Mozilla Firefox can overpower Internet Explorer (if both are installed on your system to give you option) and search engines such as will give you some privacy. True, I am not a fan of any government so paranoid it assumes it must keep people under constant watch, and I do not appreciate my personal business being under constant surveillance: Government is (and always should be) servant to the people. It is not the business of government to know where you always are or to know what you are doing. I believe government has better things to do than keeping track of people – such as balancing city budget, state budget and national budget, respectively.
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• Netherlands
5 Aug 11
Scary stuff. I am a bit scared now hearing (reading) your story. I always realised we put our lives out there. Some we do ourselves knowing, some unknowing. But the part about the lawsuit?? They will take it that far!? I never heard of these isues here but well they sometimes track people down from the usa or england and come fetch them here, so I think this story you tell us, is true. Once this 29 year old boy was taking to the usa for being a hacker and have hacked in some government files. He was just fooling around but boy did he get scared when there were these men in black at his door. Seems almost like a movie but I guess you are right and this is our future.
• United States
8 Aug 11
It is very disturbing stuff. I remember when movie "Enemy of the State" came out, some people thought it was mere fiction. I, on the other hand, have always believed some science fictions are hand tipping: Some sci-fis are simply alerting people of things to come.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
5 Aug 11
That is some creepy disturbing news. Omg.
@QeeGood (1214)
• Sweden
4 Aug 11
I believe those who want to find out what other people are doing on the internet they do it. I know one woman who had a very jealous husband who track all her internet activity. He had nothing to base his jealousy upon, but he was obsessed to know everything of his wife's doing. So everything is open up for public to find out of they want it.