Matrix - under what circumstances will the Oracle's predictions come true?

August 5, 2011 12:31am CST
In the movie "The Matrix" Neo Morpheus is guided to the oracle, where Neo gets hints about his destiny .... My question now is when and under what conditions the promises come true.
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15 Dec 11
i dont know... been too long since i saw that part
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6 Aug 11
The Oracle has even referred to the slogan on the wall: "Know thyself" I think it has something to emulate. But you can perhaps put the question more closely - I do not really know what you hear now wilster. What exactly do all of the predictions Beac .. that he is the Chosen One or something else? Or you do not know why either Morpheus or Neo alsauch live? I do not know whether the oracle or Morpheus said: "It makes a difference if you just know the way, or whether you follow it." (This, or something) The decisions of their own Neo therefore play a major role, with the oracle, but also said: "You've already voted." (...) "You're here to understand why you've decided." I do not know if I'll help you now could, but I think your question is maybe not to answer clearly and will forever be a mystery to director / writer (or as they say) remain.