Why Smith explodes in The Matrix 3?

August 5, 2011 12:33am CST
At the end of Matrix 3 Neo Smith destroyed in the virtual world. Smith then explodes and all of his "doubles" with him. Why? I mean it "must" assume all right and so on. But where the reason lies in the programming of the Matrix?
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• Indonesia
6 Aug 11
Once Agent Smith (inspired by the oracle) to Neo says: Everything has a beginning has an end also, there seems to Neo and Agent Smith can take possession of. Smith writes about Neo and they become a program. Since Neo is still connected to the computer and they now represent a single program, has the power of Smith and Neo is the power to do one to delete Smith. Agent Smith was no longer connected to the computer and thus acted as an unconventional program.
• Malaysia
11 Aug 11
yes..i agreee..just like all the program images in the hard drive will no longer function of the main apps execute program is deleted..so all the other files extension will not work.. bravo..good answer..
15 Dec 11
with the robots? hehehe
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
6 Aug 11
i think agent smith explodes because in virtual world agent smith is already finish his purpose which is to make all virtual world character become him, so he no longer have a purpose which lead him to the end of his life as a virus program.