That 70's Show

United States
August 5, 2011 1:51am CST
Don't you find it weird that they made That 70s Show in the 90's? I think that is extremely curious. It is the only sshow I know of that did this. They should make a new show about the 90s or something similar, because the show might be just as popular.
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• Philippines
5 Aug 11
first of all they made a show that features the fun times that the 70s had to offer, back during the 70s pop culture started to boom, it was the era of music, and everything else now think about it, if you're going to make a show about the 90s what significant thing happened in the 90s? Can't think of any right? Besides we already have a ton of shows potraying the 90s during the 90s, like how there are new shows now potraying the present. Maybe in the near not so distant future, they could make a show a about life in the year 2000, they could call the 2k show they'll feature how we are into social networking, smart phones, and mac vs pc bout and they'll laugh at how funny our generation is also as an additional note, most of the viewers of that 70s show were born on the 80s and early 90s, so they didn't know anything about the 70s, and its funny because we get to see how our moms and dads probably were back then