When will my sister grow up? I'm really worrying about her.

August 5, 2011 9:50am CST
My little sister is now in Grade Three in senior high school. In a year, she will take the college entrance exam. I have just made a call to her. She complained to me so many things and she cried. I felt helpless. I really don't know how to help her. She wants to move out from the dorm to live in an apartment with another five friends. But she told me that the school had gathered all the students who wanted to move out to have a meeting and stated that only the one whose parents are living with them can be approved. And it is impossible. I told her that she should take the courage to talk to the teachers who are in charge of it. But she is too shy and timid to do that. I encouraged her a lot, but she was still crying. She is so weak that she gets cold almost every month. And it takes weeks to become well. I'm so worryed about her. But I can do nothing except making phone calls.
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@francesca5 (1344)
7 Aug 11
thats a shame, your poor sister. you are doing the right thing to keep phoning her. as you say you can't do much else.
• China
9 Aug 11
Yeah, that's just the only thing I can do.