Do you think that cartoons are good stress busters or they are just time pass or

@aweins (4203)
August 6, 2011 12:11am CST
they are just some characters to make the kids busy when you work ? which cartoon do you think is the one you match yourself or you can relate yourself ? some adult cartoons like Simpsons or family Guy are such cool ones that i think adults are watching them without giving a single miss. one of the example of it in my own house and he is my hubby darling. he loves Simpsons and Family guy. he dont wanna miss unless our daughter comes to disturb her on his show. i love to watch that scene . what do you say?
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• Philippines
8 Aug 11
Yes cartoons are good stress busters. I still prefer watching The Simpsons because it is really funny. When I was a kid I got hooked watching Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry. Cartoons entertains me a lot.
@NoWayRo (1062)
• Romania
6 Aug 11
I start my day with an episode of the Simpsons, it helps me take away my morning stress and then I can start the day focused and relaxed. Every now and then I watch some of the classics, like Betty Boop or Tex Avery's cartoons, I still find them funny, but I don't have much patients for anything else that's on TV these days. So all in all I'd say they're good to make you forget your worries for 10 minutes or so, much better than movies or news shows.
• United States
6 Aug 11
I love to watch cartoons with my kids.I love the older more classic cartoons such as Tom and Jerry.I'm a big kid at heart and me and my kids laugh and enjoy cartoons togeather.