Downfall of Europe and US,, Rise of Asia..

August 6, 2011 10:17am CST
With US recession undergoing and Credit Debt problems then Euro zone crisis.. Asia is slowly paving its way up dominating the Global Economy.. sooner or later it is predicted that china will over come the economy of US, currently china is the US major creditor.. though the downgrade is globally affecting the world economy, China and other nations in Asia is rising up leading to new world order over (sooner actually) the global economy.. particularly its effects is the high value of products exported to US generating more income over the countries in Asia exporting to US which I'm taking advantage of.. With this actual topic, have we come to realize that all things are subjected to end, like the Britain's Golden age over thrown by US ,then, now US's end of rule over the global market, soon countries in Asia will dictate over the Global economy, US and Britain are under its power.. Asia will create new super powers of the world i hopefully wish would like to include the Philippines which is currently dependent over US economy..
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