How many mugsof coffe you drnk in one day?

@zhawee (875)
August 6, 2011 8:24pm CST
Many people like drink coffee in the morning, even there`s no breakfast just only have coffee in the table. I`m in busy hours I`m always running in time sometimes so i make one mug coffee in the morning. My morning does`t completely if i never drink coffee
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
28 Aug 11
I am pretty much adicted to drinking coffee, drinking four or five cups a day, starting from breakfast time. We have a coffee pot at the office, and we can enjoy that. I used to drink strong black coffee before, but I have now changed to decaffinated coffee, and drink with lots of cream, and sugar.
@zhawee (875)
• Philippines
29 Aug 11
thank you to response.yea im also like coffee and addicted drink coffee. but i know i have a little feel nervous. But i need coffee in one day, my coffee will give me complete in my whole day.
@keihimekawa (2010)
• Philippines
18 Jan 12
Hi zhawee! Actually I tend to drink 3 to 5 mugs (mugs and not cups) each day. Sometimes I reach 7 mugs each day if there's continuous meeting required for work :P Same goes with me. My day won't be complete without coffee
@webzap (885)
• Philippines
5 Sep 11
I used to drink a lot of coffee before, in the morning, during breaks and even before bed. Then came a time when I experienced some tingling sensation in my stomach and got alarmed so I alternate drinking coffee with hot chocolate. That made me feel comfortable now.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
7 Aug 11
I usually consume 3-4 mugs of coffee everyday. When you are in online business where you plan, design, and create your own strategy, websites, and other things and you do a lot of thinking, you are always compelled to drink coffee every now and then to boost up mind.