Tragedy in life

@vikas121 (296)
August 7, 2011 5:36am CST
A funny tragedy in my life: when I was in 6th standard in school once our english teacher said us to learn a poem. after few days he asked who had learnt the poem and who hadn't? I raised my hand as who hadn't. He took all those students who hadn't learnt, out of class and punished badly. Then, he gave another task to learn another poem. After few days again he came to class and asked the same. I raised my hand with those who had learnt it while I hadn't actually but I thought he would take rest student out of class and would punish them and I would learn it meanwhile. But tragedy was yet to come. At very first he took me and asked to recite the poem. The biggest funniest tragedy. Still I was lucky that day that someone called him out of class before I could recite the poem and surely would be punished. What is with you?
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