A second storm just passed through.

August 7, 2011 2:54pm CST
Just rained again, but it was windy this time. There was damage during this round though and I'm not really amused. We lost one of the pegs to the tent and it almost landed in the pool, which now has almost 2" of water in it since this morning. Our one umbrella that we use for shade fell over and part of it broke. The sunshade fabric got stretched and I've clipped it to the frame with clothespins for now. It looks like more rain is coming, just hope it's not as bad as the last round was. And it's done nothing to cool it down at all.
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
7 Aug 11
you are in toronto. it is raining now there. that too heavily. Oh ! my daughter who is there will tell me in the evening. thanks for info.
• Canada
7 Aug 11
We're in the north west end of the city, and the weather is heading south.
@Thoroughrob (11756)
• United States
8 Aug 11
We have been getting lots of rain and storms too. Hopefully you will not get anymore damage done. Stay safe.
• Philippines
7 Aug 11
I remember sometime ago, it rained here. The wind was blowing hard the rain begins to come in from the air condition vent. Our windows were made of sliding panes and they were making noise everytime the wind came in. It was annoying because all of us inside the room couldn't sleep. Although I haven't experienced anything like what happened to you yet. I'm thinking I will have my time as well because the roof is barely hanging. I could tell because during that hard rain, it was making noise. It sounded like it's coming off any minute. Our apartment had a second layer roofing, though, so we're safe from being rained in but it'll cost a lot getting it repaired if it comes off, or *when* it comes off.
• Canada
7 Aug 11
No storms around here lately, but a friend of mine in Pennsylvania told me she just got a big one, and had another big one a few days ago.