What do you think, large umbrellas can give a senile appearance?

August 7, 2011 9:09pm CST
For a long time I've ever used mini umbrellas, because I can tuck it back so nobody sees. Unfortunately, these mini-screens are very prone to bend the rods can usually tell after a few uses, when the screen is not perfectly symmetrical close again. And with every small gust itself inside out to the screen, which is also on the bars. When I recently broke my tenth determined small screen, I finally had enough and I have fully bought a large umbrellas. I can not stow away, but I must bear this in rainfall risk on me. That's me a little uncomfortable, I think I am like a pensioner. Is it you, too?
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
8 Aug 11
No, why should it make a senile appearance! You can not go so easily broken, you will not be so wet and had the chance someone else / someone to take under it, the / would be certainly grateful to you if he / she has no umbrella there! But you get uncomfortable and you like a retiree in mind, maybe you'll think this is frowned upon pure imagination!
8 Aug 11
Hi nakula2009, Yes, we need umbrellas especially during the hot season to protect us from the heat. We also need them during the rainy season to protect us from getting wet. Nowadays, umbrellas are created to be more fashionable. Aside from the ordinary basic color, there are now umbrellas with stripes, checkered and flower prints on it having different shades also. We can also choose to use the folded one or those with a long handle. Whether fashionable or not, umbrellas serves as protection from different weather conditions. Avoid thinking that it makes us look like an old person if we wear an umbrella. Rather, think of the good health benefits it can bring us if we are always protected.
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
having a large umbrella gives a practical appearance, over a senile appearance, also, having some big which you can't just stow away, you'll have to constantly remind yourself that you have an umbrella with you, if that still projects that you're senile then I just don't know anymore hehe