You misinterpreted the gluttony of your pets, so happy as a love.

August 7, 2011 9:48pm CST
Just woke up this am, my rabbit in front of my bed made ??male and the female while excited grunting. They wanted to have salad, of course, because that night is not the food tasted. Feel loved . Is it you, too? And if so, what your behavior in animals?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
12 Aug 11
No, our cat has eaten only as much as he needed, and only when he could not resist cream. My goldfish do not even figure in the bed and eat only what they need, do not do anything because the pond is frozen over. Happy new year if I have not written yet.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
11 Aug 11
My cats I have given up begging, as I just did not respond to when they have done theater. They get their food at fixed times and dry food is free self-service always ready. So I can be sure that the cats really want to cuddle with me when they arrive and "charming" are.
• Indonesia
9 Aug 11
Well, probably less ambitious. I myself have animals! From experience, are like rabbits guinea pigs always nibble on, apart from the ones kids have a certain rhythm quickly. I personally think "greedy" pets very bad, because the small begin to eat mostly out of boredom. And boredom is the result of too few jobs and too little cage and that's bad ... I do not want now to say that when your so! The main thing you do not belong to those which give the little ones out of "love" always treats. Too much hurts stop.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
8 Aug 11
A cat (of four) plays in the evening the leader: "Hach, I'll paint the legs, I smile (wink) to love you, I strike my head on your cheek, I can no longer love me before." Am I ready for the evening and feed them before running to the bowl and then strangely busy. You will then also not to catch anything. lol However: One of the other four coming from a feeding to thank about. How they ever came out is beyond me.