Do you fellow mylotters think i can be a rapper

August 7, 2011 11:16pm CST
hey fellow mylotters im Mandy from India. here in India a lot of people listen to rap music but no one raps. One day just having some fun with my friends we ended up having a rap battle and my friends thought that i can rhyme so i have been writing for a little over 2 months. i am posting a little smthn i wrote like 2 days ago do u guys think i should pursue my dream of being a rapper a legend is born this is the making of history been real down but now is sworn of victory seen it all, been down low thru da misery all da rivals were killed and buried bitterly f**k wid me and u`ll end up with a serious injury standin tall like im da f***in statue of liberty since ma rise all u dubasses been jittery i admit the path to top was a bit slippery but i kept marchin on like Clinton Hillary all da haters will be punished in pillory today the cloud has a lining and its silvery been at war against da world wid ma own chivalry became the king of da world all so wizardly i put u in ma rhymes and play ma trickery own a house but its kinda more castlry a legend is born and u can see that its meeeeeee
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18 Aug 11
Hay Mc mandy I have been listening to gangsta rap/hip hop for over 20 years now, i started listening to NWA,ICE T,TIM DOG/PUBLIC ENEMY ect back in the day,now i'm into eminem/drake/busta rhymes/pro green/kanye west/ an more but still keep in old scool :). Hay i here your words(tight)if u think YOU have it in YOU keep battling, get yourself out there make your name know(india,the world) :). We had/have salt n pepa/lil kim/missy Elliott/cha cha/Q tee and meny more but know real hard core female gandsta rappers.So all i can say is go 4 it