Why are mothers with many children abused as anti-social?

August 7, 2011 11:30pm CST
I've heard a lot especially from the older children are antisocial mother with the many I have personally experienced in their own flesh. only because my mother has raised three kids alone. Hello I mean what is wrong with people these days have you already done the same experience.
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3 Sep 11
Put on the sense or nonsense G**ilie one in the world could argue admirably. If the future of the children (how many indifferent) has been secured or can be secured to object to a variety of children nothing. Regardless, without any perspective for the children of the world's population continues to grow simply is stupid and irresponsible. Then perhaps the hapless children also face such a thing as anti-social, yes!
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
12 Aug 11
If a family is well off, they can have children as much as they want. No one is as a mother as "asocial" call. Such titled Vedas only people who live in relationships and antisocial behavior is antisocial. Unfortunately, too often "poor" quickly moved to such a rail, which is pretty unfair, given the new poverty in our country.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
11 Aug 11
everything that is not standard in which it is done properly. It shows great boredom to think about other thoughts. the people who can speak ill of others to lead a normal conversation. therefore be put down others. many children to have is not antisocial. asocial heist does not follow the rules of this society and keep hitting over the negative strands. I do not care if someone has one child or 10 children.
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10 Aug 11
I can not confirm, I have some acquaintances in the mothers, the three or four children, I have not seen one that has ever said they were assozial. I think it's just someone who is asocial, also known as antisocial,
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9 Aug 11
It is not always anti-social. But if you have 10 kids and no longer is just, then this is often referred to as antisocial. But even then only if the children are really suffering, and the parents do not admit that they are swamped. I've seen in the neighborhood. Mother with four children, where none have enjoyed education. The older the children became, the worse they became. And the parents did not care. As well as visits by the police belonged to the agenda. I've seen other mothers with many children who lead a very disciplined life.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
8 Aug 11
I think it's because we see decent people mainly with one or two or three decent children and the children since fall not so. Then you see a woman who looks rather a bit antisocial, and then has two or three children but the children do not behave decently and degrees are as apparent. I believe therefore that the prejudice is that mothers with many children would be antisocial.