How merciful you are ?

August 8, 2011 2:13am CST
We have been in situations where just our humbleness and graciousness would have contolled the situation from flaring up .There may have been quarrels at home , in our work place or any other public place where we were involved , we could have brought the conflict under control by just apologizing to the other side . But our ego or our self esteeme prevented us from doing so . Similarly when we have seen a person who has done wrong to us and later realised and appologized to us we have also failed to be merciful enough to forgive him . When God is so merciful why can't we be so ? In this way we may have lost some good friends and got detatched from our one one time dear relatives. Would like to know how merciful and humble are you in such situations ?
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@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
11 Aug 11
It really depends on the situation but as much as possible if ever that sin is not that big I can still give chance for that person and to forgive what he had done.It is really not easy to forgive but we should put in mind too that God forgive us why Can't we to our fellowmen.
• India
15 Aug 11
You are absolutely right in your standpoint alquizar . Why can't we forgive our fellow being when our God forgives our innumerable sins everyday . As human beings we sometimes consider the merit of the wrong doing and then decide whether we can forgive or not but God is all merciful and we must try to follow him . Thanks for joining in the discussion .
@koperty3 (1877)
8 Aug 11
I have to confess that I'm not very merciful if someone hurt my family or me. My family is everything for me and I will never allow to anyone to hurt them. As for other people I like to help people and I do it as often as I can but I don't like when someone try to use me. In such situation I'm also not very merciful person.
• India
9 Aug 11
Thanks koperty3 for your comments .