Am I asking too much?

@angemac23 (2005)
August 8, 2011 11:54am CST
All the men I have ever dated were selfish, impulsive, uncaring, etc and they also drank, partied and sometimes did against all of these things!! Im honest,caring, positive and giving and I dont drink or do any drugs at all......In a relationship I would like to have and expect to have someone who treats me as good as I treat them....i expect someone who is respectful, honest, caring, giving, and cares about out relationship as much as anything in his life and nurtures as much as anything else.....I expect to not be put behind everything else and I think drinking and parying is immature and bad for any relationship and drugs are wrong in every way because of what they do to society and to families......Am I expecting too much?? Should I just give up on finding good people and succumb to the reality that almost everyone is dishonest and selfish and that I should just accept this????
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• Philippines
9 Aug 11
nope, you're not asking too much. .Just dont give up Im sure there's a lot of guys out there who belongs to your type of guys you are looking. .all you have to do is just pray. .I know someday God will give you a guy that will love you, respect and will care for you