College frustrations and paying for it

@Virgie60 (556)
United States
August 8, 2011 9:41pm CST
I need advice really badly. I probably screwed up somewhere but last year was such a challenging year that I shouldn't be surprised that I did. Here is the situation - My daughter (now 17 was 16 at the start of all of this) got her GED last year and decided to start college slowly (a few classes at a time). We did the FASA & student loan thing and I honestly thought she had gotten a loan. She did not get to return for the spring semester due to bad weather and serious family nedical issues. We did receive one letter questioning if she was returning to school or not in regards to the finances. Which I did not know how to answer as my daughter was contemplating taking some fast track classes so we just waited. Well now she decided to go to a school that was closer and just take generals there. Before she was going for Graphic Design at the other school because the school she now wants to go to did not offer classes in that area. So she applied and they wanted transcripts from the other college before they would accept her. So she contacted the college and she got an email back saying they can not give her the transcripts until she pays the $4,000 tuition that we thought she had a loan on. We plan on going to both schools to see how we can work this out but was wondering if anyone had any advice. We do not have $4,000. Can possibly make payments but will they give out her transcripts if we can only make payments? She really wants to go back to school and time is getting short to have all these hassels. I feel like I have failed my child with all of this mess. Please any ideas?? Thanks.
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@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
9 Aug 11
i remember my situation more than ten years ago. i got a loan to attend a special training for Y2K problem in computers. while at the training, i got a job offer. i took the job offer and negotiated for the amount that i had to pay back for my loan. i did not finish the training, but i was told to pay the whole loan amount. i negotiated and got a substantial discount to be paid back in cash. most companies prefer cash payment and will entertain negotiation if you offer some good cash. goodluck.