OMG! You're so posh!

@toniganzon (53408)
August 9, 2011 5:45am CST
So i was chatting on BBM with my British friend and he told me he has updated his BBM today. I did mine yesterday and i asked him if he's aware that we can add a subject to the new bbm chat. But i told him, "why should one add a subject?" And he replied: OMG! Why should one, you're so posh! For those who are not aware of the meaning of posh, it means smart, elegant, or fashionable; upper-class or genteel. I don't know why he considered that kind of expression that i used as posh. Any British here who could enlighten my mind? Btw i told him that i'm not!
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9 Aug 11
in the uk, to say "one" is a sign of status.. for example.. where as i would say, i'm not pleased with that, the likes of the queen for example, would say, one is not pleased with that! it's directly referring to yourself as "one" .. rather than "me" or "i" .. and it used to be recognised with a sign of status, which usually came from wealth and/or middle and upper class family connections :)
@toniganzon (53408)
• Philippines
10 Aug 11
Thanks for this clarification. I often use that expression instead of referring to I. I guess i just got used to it. Others have referred to me as posh but not because i've used that kind of language. But once they get to know me, i'm just a plain cowboy!
16 Aug 11
haha, posh cowgirl toni!!