happy and tears

@meriel (101)
August 9, 2011 10:20am CST
why does tears came after you laugh out loud?.. laughter of a happiness. I've always notice that every time i am happy. every time you laugh because of happiness there always a tears after that laughter. that's why every time i am happy i keep on reminding my self and telling my self that i should not be happy 100% percent because after that happiness there is a sad things that might happened. and which hurts me most. complete happiness became my frustration and i keep on praying that all the sad things and pains that might happen in the future would not come anymore. and all that have come will end totally. that i will have the complete happiness that i have been dreaming for so long.
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@vikas121 (296)
9 Aug 11
To understand "why tears came after laughing a lot" You'll have to go through some medical books. May be some hormones which produce tears, get sensitive result in producing tears. Good and bad times come in everyone's life. At the good time being sad just thinking of forthcoming bad time turns good time into bad. So Its not wise thing. Live every moment at its fullest. Laugh out louder than loud and let the tears fall down.