Should the PS Vita match the 3DS price drop to be more competitive?

Vita vs 3DS - A new handheld battle is about to begin
United States
August 9, 2011 2:30pm CST
Just recently, Nintendo made a point to drop the 3DS price very sharply. The reduction was about $70. This is unheard of to happen so soon with anything good coming of it. In the past, systems that had this kind of drop this soon have ended up badly. The 3DS is just barely 5 months old. But this brings a new dynamic with it. The dynamic is that this brings us to last handheld generation. Where the DS was a lower price than the PSP. The scenarios are similar. Just like the the psp and ds, the Vita is much more powerful tech wise than the 3DS. But because the 3DS is so much lower in price, it might have the edge. This is a clear sign Nintendo knows they can't compete with Sony head on in price. Should Sony lower their price closer to Nintendo's?
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@Ramsesxlll (1436)
• Finland
9 Aug 11
Oh! I'm so glad you brought this up! This is actually one of the rare things I happen to know about (since I listened to a Finnish gaming podcast, and they discussed this exact same topic). No! They aren't going to (no should they) drop the price of the PS Vita since it's brand new, and 3DS is old already. That's what they say at least. - That's all to know actually. Oh, and the PS Vita is coming to Europe/USA only as late as in the beginning of 2012.
• United States
10 Aug 11
That's not true. the 3DS is dropping price because it's not selling as fast and as well as Nintendo hoped it would and the fact that their competition would have had the same price wouldn't have done them any favors. And the 3DS isn't even six months old yet.
• Finland
10 Aug 11
Umm... I'm pretty sure you misunderstood me: I didn't say anything about why the 3DS dropedp it's prices... I only said that the PS Vita is NOT going to drop it's price, since it's going to be BRAND NEW (6 monthsbrand new). Again: I only said stuff about the PS Vita (with the exception of saying that the 3DS is old already. I am sorry for saying "old"! Is that enough for you? ) However, let's not let that darken our discussion. Even if you have rated me with a "-" due to a false accusation, I apologize to you if I my response was unclear, though.
• Australia
10 Aug 11
The reason for the 3ds price drop was that the sales of the console did not meet the expectations of nintendo. The sales were great for a few weeks (fanboys) but after that it went downhill, a very steep hill. The PS Vita however has not been released yet and rarely do companies lower the price of a product before release. Also the main selling point of the Vita, as shown at E3, was the "cheap" price of $249US for what the console offers. Tech wise both consoles are very different. The only advantage that 3ds seems to have is the 3D capabilities (which is seen as a gimmick with some gamers)and the dual screen. So my opinion is that sony will not drop the price of the vita now but if the sales are alot less than the 3ds then mabye in a few months to a year a price drop could come.