do you still use black and while screen phone

@resutaa (144)
August 9, 2011 6:14pm CST
Touchscreen, wifi enabled, video call, gps, tv, radio, internet, portable games, mp3 and many more are some of the features of our new generation mobile phones but did you remember the old black and white screen mobile phones? My very first mobile phone was a nokia 8210 and I still use it until now. Its durable and I used it for almost 7 yrs now. I define it durable and entertaining especially the old snake game which made me want to beat my own high score which was 2029. Do you still use your old phones? Why?
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@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
Hi resutaa! I don't use black and white screen phones anymore. I had a Nokia 331 before but I sold it to my cousin because I wanted a new phone with a colored background. But I used my 3310 for a long time. It was really a hardy and tough cellphone. It fell on the floor a couple of times and yet it didn't get damaged at all. Another thing I enjoyed about it was that I could change it's casing and there were different designs to choose from that time.
@westiti (27)
• Morocco
9 Aug 11
I still have one of those, it's an Alcatel I think, they are very practical,they can support shocks and are power saving.