Helping a friend in need....

@r3jcorp (1384)
August 10, 2011 12:36am CST
I never thought that helping a friend in need would become the biggest mistake in my life. Today, after arriving from the court for a collection case to a close friend, I realized that it was such a big mistake. I found friends in my daughters school, mothers of her classmates since grade school. We take care of each other's children whoever is available. If ever they have urgent needs in school, we buy things for them even if their own mothers are not around. Things had been bad to some of them. The husband of one of them decided to buy a new car which turns out to be beyond their paying capacity. I extended my loaning capacity as a member of work cooperative to her thinking that after the car was paid off, she could pay the capital. The interest should be given on regular basis because I don't have extra money to do it. Last year, I needed badly to get the capital and the interest. She promised me many dates but never complied. Until last month that she started paying, it was very little compared to the huge compounded amount. Anyway, I did help her again by compromising that the interest will be stopped as long as she will regularly pay. This was the good side of story, a friend who are acknowledging her loans and have the intention to pay. Though, It affects my life because of the financial burden, I do appreciate her good intention. The other one was an ambitious friend, I support her because I thought it will do good for her and her family. At first, she applied her husband to work at Canada which turns out to be a scam. Though she borrowed a large amount of it, she was able to pay large part of it through bank loans outside of the country where her husband works. Then she decided to ask her husband to resign in his current job and applied him to work in other country. Her husband complied and stayed here for 6 months without any earnings, the offers are far much lower than his job where he resigned. She then asked for a loan and I help her again. Luckily, her husband was recalled in his previous work and after a month availed another loan to pay part of the loan. I advised her to start planning her life and pay the capital even in smaller amount. She agreed and thought too that is the best thing to do. But after a couple of months, she decided to work too abroad where her husband is staying. Sadly, her employer doesn't want her and according to her, she was maltreated. Her husband called me to help her because she will return to the Philippines with so many financial obligation. I again extended my help to her. But after years of no payment from her, I was compelled to bring the matter to my boss as a member too of the cooperative. She went to the office and acknowledge the current balance of the loan through signing in front of my boss and promised to pay the amount by making another loan to a bank. But after that last time, she never return to give payment nor to make an apology. So after 6 months, we meet again in court, with my boss as the primary complainant. The sad thing, she is telling the court that she has no financial obligation to the cooperative, everything that she told the court are all lies. Eventually, she was asked any documents to support her allegations but has nothing. I know justice will prevail sooner and she has to face all of her wrong doings. The judge was very clear, she had acknowledge the loan and admitted that she signed it. Once a person entered into agreement, she must do her part.I've learned my lesson now, never to trust person even if I known them for so long.
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