Him getting a tattoo is a scary thought

South Africa
August 10, 2011 5:33am CST
My brother told me last night he wants to get a tattoo, his idea of what he want sounds quite nice,but I simply didn't know how to respond to this. He is 20 years of age so he can basically do anything he wants and doesn't need anyone's permission to do this. But being very close brother and sister I could see he wanted my approval on this? I don't know how I really feel about tattoos, it is quite a new thing for me. Can anyone please give me advise on this?
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@katcarneo (1433)
• Philippines
16 Oct 11
My boyfriend is getting a tattoo today and so I got to this discussion. The difference between you and me is that since he is my boyfriend, my expressing disapproval of what he wants can ruin our relationship whereas you as brother and sister will still continue to be the best buds as you are. The similarity is that your brother and my boyfriend are adults who can think for themselves. Should they decide to alter their bodies, it's our responsibility as people who love them to tell them of the possible implications while at the same time assuring them that the decision is still theirs to make and that we are not trying to tell them what to do or what not to do.
• United States
10 Aug 11
I know exactly how you feel. Personally, I don't really like tattoos and I don't find them attractive on a guy, although some girls do. My boyfriend wants one but I tell him no never because I think it's a complete turn off. Tattoos aren't that bad, but I think your brother should know for sure that this is what he wants permanently on his body and if he's willing to have this tattoo for life.