Rip Off Britain-Car Insurance

@gilly123 (157)
August 10, 2011 8:09am CST
Just had my car insurance quote,and i am just about had enough of this dambed,blatent car insurance rip off!I am seriously thinking of packing up driving all together.i have been with Direct Line car insurance for 8 years,never had an accident or caused one,my insurance first year was £240 which i thought was reasonable,then 2 years back it rose to £320,now they have just quoted me £535 for 3rd party,i asked why this had gone up so much and they said it was due to the area i lived in,i said what has that to do with me,all i got was a load of "whaffle" on that there are more claims than previous years,still i said "but what has that to do with me"to which the "b*t*h" hung up on me!So i went on comparethemarket insurance quote site,only to find that not only each quote was more than my previous quote,but that on further investigation,all these comparison sites,recieve a very nice £40 for referring you "thank you very much"and who`m is this £40 cost rolled over to,yes you guessed it,us the motorists,surely these insurance companies must be investigated because they are no double working in collusion,to keep quotes on the up.Anyone else having same problems,let me know before i throw myself under a car in frustration!
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@urbandekay (18312)
11 Aug 11
Indeed, just been looking at insurance for second car, thieving scum wanted £600 or more. Thank goodness I was able to do it with my existing insurer National Farmers Union Mutual for only £145. The benefit of a company with no shareholders to pay presumably. Last year they gave an extra bonus to their customers all the best urban
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
10 Aug 11
I insure my car fully Comp with Direct Line Insurance. I find the month I need to renew my car insurance, pay road tax and have an MOT very expensive. It is costly to keep a car on the road. I was a learner driver when they first insured me. When I passed my practical driving test I got a £75 refund. I will have to renew my car insurance in December. I am not looking forward to that. This August my house insurance was ending and I didn't renew with the same company which was Legal and General for around £400. I got a monthly deal for £22.50 a month with E Sure. I paid around £38 to begin it. I think insurance policies can be a right rip off. I think try shopping around. Maybe try Churchill Insurance. Good luck.