how do we teach our children who are very young ?

@aweins (4203)
August 10, 2011 11:28am CST
my daughter is three and a half and she do not want to do anything. the problem with her is that what is told on the school and has been asked to learn or complete she do not want to. at all. i know half of the world says that she is very young and let her grow, she will do. but as parent , i just cannot see that. the most frustrating part in that period id that she learns very fast. she picks up things fast, her grasping knowledge is good, but she do not want to do. she know how to write but will not write. her teacher in school everyday tells me that your daughter is very good but she is very moody. she has her own moods to sit, learn, recite, write. everything is on her moods so when we teach her she detach herself from the class, stands aside, near the board or go to some rocking toys. there also she will not rock or play much. she will just stand there. will not play or do much of any activity. Now what to do. how do we handle this situation. in our country according to the age the child is made to sit in the class. so we have to make her learn what is in the syllabus.what so ever it is,be it just Alphabets, but .... in am so stressed that every day when i make her sit and do some thing, i suffer from bad headache. and i never ever scold her. whatever is the situation how so ever frustrated i am. i never let it pass on to her. i am myself struggling in my life and i know if a person is not educated it is so difficult to survive. what should i do? how do i tackle this situation. when she is in mood, she sits and writes very beautifully. how do i make her write everyday what is been told or asked to do? please advise, thank you.
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10 Aug 11
I have a daughter who has been diagnosed with autism and it is difficult for her to do some things. I am just very patient with her, and I will help her as much as I can, but I also give her chances to do things on her own as well. Just try to be encouraging, and maybe there is a certain way that you can help her learn better. If she completes an assignment or does well in school, reward her with something that she likes or likes to do, that may help her out.
@marie2052 (3697)
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10 Aug 11
Since I am not from India (looked at your profile) I am not sure how children there are taught or what age is to early for them. I had 5 children I am in the U.S. I always thought our babies and children should be allowed to be children as school starts for us when they turn 5. They will go to school every year from that age til they finish high school around 18 years. I stayed at home so my babies and children could sleep naturally and wake up naturally knowing I would have to get them up in a structure when they started kindergarten. My children excelled once in school and I feel structuring kids while small can cause them to maybe lose interest and maybe some might not get it. While we played naturally colors, ABC's come in to play. With my grandchildren I now use the Webkinz site to help teach things to them. It is a fun friendly environment for children that is one of the first safe websites I found for them. I don't know if India has this or not but so far every child I have given a webkinz to has not wanted to do things with their stuffed animal and online animal they get to the site from a code that comes with the plush animal. the younger children such as your daughter can sit on your lap while you teach her the basics. There are daily activities she can learn, plant a garden when she can afford to get a garden, go to school with her webkinz and many other things. She would design her own room. I like Webkinz as a learning tool because it teaches them structure and they learn they have to save their webkinz money online to buy food, design their room, etc. Hope this helps good luck to you and your daughter. But remember every child learns differently, so she is just going through one of her phases that right now is not her day to learn. But check Webkinz out they will tell you what countries they are in.