Upset due to surfearnmoney

@naseemkum (1804)
August 10, 2011 1:18pm CST
.Before joining the dollars sites. I dont had believe in that because i had fear whether they wil pay me because its not indian money so that time i search sites which pays in indian money. So i find one site named surfearnmoney at starting im happy because it had ten ads worth 0.50paise per ad. So atleast i earn 5 rupees and monthly 150 rupees. After i told my three fellow people to join under me then i had 16 ads in my account so im earned 8rupees a day wow 240 per month. That time they fixed minimum payout as 500. I know i wil reach in two months. But after some days they changed their minimum payout as 1350rupees then my referrals become inactive then i had only ten ads in my account. Then i came to know its a scam site and had no proof of paying members. Then i decided that international sites are better if they found to be legit. So be careful friends . Time is gold i wasted a lot.
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