I don't have time to join interesting seminars

August 10, 2011 9:24pm CST
Recently, there are many interesting seminars about all matters of life. They're often organized at halls or coffee shops. Some seminars which I like very much such as "How to earn from Internet", "How to manage your private finance" etc... However, they're almost organized on working time. So, I can't join. I think these seminars are very useful for us. If we have free time, we should join them. Do you think so? How often do you join the seminars?
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• Philippines
17 Aug 11
If the seminar is interesting, I'll probably attend it. I've attended a few refunds in the past and it was quite informative. I just treat seminars as crash courses of the services they are trying to offer. Some authors discuss their books on seminars and that's also great because you'll somehow have an idea what their book is really all about.
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
Yes.. I think you should grab the opportunity to attend seminars like this. Especially if the seminar is for free. I have attended many seminars in the past. Many of this is for free. But most of the seminars that I have attended are religious seminar. It's subject is about life, God, doing good and things like that. Like now, I'm attending The Feast Manila which is a Catholic Prayer Meeting and happens once a week.. For me, those seminars that I have attended really help me a lot in my everyday life.
@Jlyn10 (10900)
• Malaysia
11 Aug 11
A couple of months ago, there was a free training seminar about starting an online shop which is called "start an online shop is as easy as frying an egg" but I was unable to attend as I was having chicken pox at that time. Just my bad luck, I guess. But I am looking forward to attend the next one, which I hope there will be a next one.