aside from us, our home needs our care..

August 11, 2011 3:28am CST
Good day, I believed that everybody needs an attention. And this is a general rule. Aside from ourselves, even our home needs an attention. As nobody will love our home except us. And we should clean and maintain our home as if we just newly acquired it. However, as time goes by, we do sometimes neglect maintaining our home to its good condition. Just like what was happening here at my end. Before I left, due to the nature of my job, our home was fine and organized. As there were no things tag as idle. And either no idle space. But, when I cameback, it seems like a lot of things needed to be attended. Things needed to be repair, things needed to be clean and things needed to be classified as second hand for sale since they are somehow depreciated. I was truly disappointed to what I am witnessing each day. As this is happening everytime I am looking for something, and yet my eyes will destructed by the things that needs an attention. As a result, my time will be divided to the planned things to do and to the unplanned things needed to do.
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@iamsummer (192)
11 Aug 11
If ourself don't clean our house,nobody will.Compared with a protector,i tend to be a destroyer.haha.My parents go for working in the morning,i will stay at home alone.I ofter help my parents to make a mount of mess in house,so my mom often complain about my destroy.Then in the future i will become a protect like my parents,after all,i am one of the members in the house.Yes,i do.
@maximax8 (27045)
11 Aug 11
When I wanted to sell my modern house I thought it was too cluttered. I wondered if I would be able to get someone to buy it. I decided to get a clutter clearer to help me. I paid for two lots of three hours over two days a week apart. She helped me in a practical way, got rid of a few things for me and gave me lots of further inspiration. The second person to see my house bought it and this let me move to my bungalow. I am now much happier here due to my disabled son in a wheelchair living on the ground floor. I moved here one year ago. I got a builder to put me a new kitchen in. This year we were successful at getting the disabled facilities grant. It put in a door and a window to replace the window in my disabled son's bedroom. Next we will be getting a ramp.
@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
11 Aug 11
Yes we should also take good care of our homes despite of our busy schedules because it is where we stayed and we are responsible in taking good care of it if you can't do it who does? and we should be capable to adjust to spend time for it despite of the busy schedules in life.