Can coconut oil help to make our hair grow faster ?

August 11, 2011 3:29am CST
Hi everybody, I just stumble upon a response from a fellow member that coconut oil can help in making our hair grow faster .. can someone tell me does this really works.. thanks a lot..
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@thetis74 (1525)
11 Aug 11
I have not heard or read of anything like that. It can only improve the beauty of one's hair. What I know is that if you keep massaging your scalp can promote blood circulation to make hair grow faster. And to do that you may use warm olive or coconut oil.
• United States
11 Aug 11
I was shopping for something to make my hair sleeker and smoother, because even though I have a pixie cut, my hair is very thick and sometimes gets dry. I wanted a clear oil, and I noticed that many of them claimed to make the hair grow faster. I don't know if it's true, but I'm sure it wouldn't be that noticeable. Hair grows about 6 inches a year, and I don't think much can really change that. It might also help to brush the hair a lot, because that increases blood flow to the scalp, but some say too much brushing breaks the hair. I don't normally wash my hair with shampoo because it dries it out, I either just use water or conditioner so it smells good. I brush my hair a lot because it distributes the natural oils. It is very important to have oil in the hair, it keeps it strong and shiny, and it probably couldn't hurt when trying to make the hair grow faster.