What about clixzing nowadays?

@naseemkum (1804)
August 11, 2011 4:56am CST
.Shining site which advertising that it gives residual income. At before they had low click value now as a new format site they are giving 6 ads with 0.015 each so 9cents a day without referral and 2.70$ a month. Do u think its a legit the site paying three dollars a month without a referral is legit then why its fixed minimum payout as 10$. Then there is a option of upgrading membership with our main balance may be 4.95 for membership next to standard. If we upgrade we wil get same 6ads worth 0.02 worth so monthly 3.60$ so there may be 1.35$ lack in our account. I think the site may be scam because everyday i cant see 6 ads regularly sometimes it showing 3 or 2 sometimes ads are empty then how can we earn 9cents a day so better investing is not good in those site. For payout also we have to wait nearly 110 days because 9cents a day even its not constant there. Oh my god why those sites claiming to be as giving residual income nasty ptc.
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@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
For me not to know it but it is scam yes it is.