as for the Mylot Updating time; No wonder I sleep Late :P

August 11, 2011 11:07pm CST
Hello Lotters, before I give my own experience in this matter. Let me just give you something that is from the earning Faq Update. [b] myLot has a 24 hour earnings period from midnight to midnight in the United States Central Standard Time.So based on time zone differences your earnings may not update when you think they should and when you post it may be a day earlier or later. [/b] Here's the thing, in my country the earnings update around from time sched of either from 9 to 12 CST, like it's said in the faq. But here's the thing, Mylot's update is what I did last 24 hours, no wonder I sleep late. If my clock here reaches ( 1pm ) one in the afternoon, that means, it's a NEW DAY in mylot. It was only later i realized this, so, if I sleep late it was because I wanted to mylot matching the Time in Kansas. Yeah, like a loyal and devoted call center agent who work nighshifts not a referral link Now, I know when it is the right time to mylot and when is the time for me to take a full BREAK. . am not sure about you're time zone with kansas time.
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@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
16 Aug 11
we our on the same time zone buddy. but i still believe it's not with the time zone. as long as the discussion is nice and good, we still get good number of responses or we will still response to the others'. more, we should not force ourselves or the others to keep awake and do mylot when it's time for you or them to take a break.
• Philippines
16 Aug 11
Hello neildc, well, am after on how exactly what i do in a day. every thing i do now from one in the afternoon until tomorrow morning before 12 will be updated tom. night. but every thing i did from 1pm yesterday until today before 1pm will be updated tonight. but this time i realized that i don't have to sleep late. and make most of a few times between afternoon and evening our time.and not late in the morning.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
13 Aug 11
Letra: Regarding earnings, update -- we have to do nothing except participate in discussions as time permits. Mylot computer will take care of it. Now mylot time is 05.49.06. Earnings change normally around 10.00 am mylot time. I am not doing anything for that. That is one good thing with mylot. It works 24 hours -- When people in India go to bed , people in USA will be active and vice versa. Apart from this u have people from China, Philipines, UK, Pakistan, Russia, Germany, etc. participating in it and so it is busy all the time. There is no linkage between sleeping time and updting time and all that. everything is computerised and objectively analysed.
• Philippines
16 Aug 11
Hello ravisian, yeah that's right but some how the time zone has given me the chance to have a time to take a break instead of resuming my time endlessly. the update of earnings is different fromo the actual time where mylot stops consider the earning per day. if i stop now around on in the afternoon that means it's 12am in kansas USA and every thing i do starting 12am in US i will see it tomorrow. how ever, every update that i see tonight will the thing that i did last night and before 1pm my time here.