Having friends at my daughters' school...

@r3jcorp (1383)
August 11, 2011 11:40pm CST
Do you hang out in school and spend time to have little talks with other mothers in your children school? I do, in fact I spend extra minutes which is about 30 minutes a day bonding with other mothers before going to school. We exchange our views and experience with our children. It is a good thing especially when my daughters did not make it at school, they will let us copy the lectures or text us about the assignments and we do the same for them. I know that when they are at school, they took care of my daughters as if they are also their own. In fact, when my daughter got sick, a friend who is a wife of a doctor gave us every medicine that she needs including a one month supply of vitamins. Actually, we have lots of fun memories with them, and celebrated every accomplishments of our children together and hoping to be friends even in our retirement days.
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@dpk262006 (56599)
• Delhi, India
12 Aug 11
I get to meet other parents on the day of "Parent - Teacher meeting", which takes place once in a month. It is always interesting to know views of other parents about studies and school in general.
• Philippines
12 Aug 11
I don't exactly hang out with the mother crowd at my daughter's school. Since I work at night and don't have time to do that, I hardly know any of my daughter's classmates' parents. It's just a few mothers and grandmothers that are able to do that. But I don't get to. Given the chance, I suppose I wouldn't either. I am one of the youngest parents in that school. And these parents do nothing everyday but gossip, gossip, gossip. I don't really feel comfortable hanging out with women older than I am talking about their grandchildren's problems at home, or their problems at work, or their problems at home. Not to be disrespectful, but I feel that I wouldn't have anything to contribute to the discussions. I'm very young, and they're all used to managing a household. I'm used to working this way, and the last time I hung out at my daughter's school, they were gossiping about some neighbor I didn't know. I don't feel comfortable gossiping about people I don't know, and I certainly don't feel comfortable gossiping with people I don't know. Thankfully, my daughter's one of the smartest kids in her class. Anytime she misses any lessons, we just visit the school, check out the school work that she's missed, and me and my daughter work on it. Of course since I don't have a circle of mothers that I hang out with at her school, it can get difficult to know what lessons the kids are writing in their notes, but I'm hoping that what I'm teaching her isn't wrong.