Have you ever gone through a regretful affection?

August 12, 2011 11:26pm CST
every time I hear the stories that two people who are in love could not stay together, I will feel very sad, I always think that our lives are very short, we should cherish the affections around us, love, friendship and family. Life is just once, missing is never back.
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@iamsummer (192)
13 Aug 11
It spends a long time from two people first encounter to they begin to make a date,at last they fall in love with each other.Yes,It is very pity if they can't get married finally.Life is short,we should chrish each of the affection we possess now.
@preethaanju (3000)
• India
13 Aug 11
yes love is a unique feeling which only a lucky few are blessed with. Unfortunately even those blessed to fall in love don't often end up marrying each. In India with our rigid caste system its taboo to fall in love,although the present generations are trying to break the shackle.Honor killings are common in some parts of India.On the negative side,romance today has become a matter of display and infatuations.We don't get to see many real loves and its all mere exhibitionism.
@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
13 Aug 11
Well that's the way love is...sometimes even the most affectionate relationship turns out to be bad, because of certain things, like misunderstanding and stuff.
@Dominique25 (9476)
• United States
13 Aug 11
Yes I agree with you. Life indeed is very short. I feel it is necessary to enjoy our family, friends, and life while we do have the time. It is very sad when relationships don't work out. I have had an experience where my relationship didn't work out. Those truly are hard things to go through. Even though that relationship did not work out I do believe that it is important to take courtships and marriage seriously. There are so many trials and difficulties that we face during the times that we are living that it causes stress on relationships. I feel that it would be nice if relationships always ended happily but unfortunately not all end that way. For those who have to face such difficulties my heart goes out to them, because no matter how the relationship ends there is still pain and a person has to adjust their lifestyle without that person in it.