Beware of the New Cellphone Scam in The Philippines

August 13, 2011 7:36pm CST
For those who are using a cellphone in the Philippines be it any network you can be a victim of this new modus operandi. At least for me this was new since I was nearly victimized this week. Here is my story: My bestfriend just recently went to Singapore. I received a text message that says" Here is my new roaming cell number. Since the first 4 digits where similar to my friend I thought it was him. The usually greetings as to how are you. After that he asked me if I was interested to start a new business with him. I told him to talked with me via Facebook that night but he went on that I need to borrow money to send him 10 of each major network cell cards to him. I need to scratch the code and send him those. I was happy to know that we will have some profits out from this.I asked him why not borrow from her daughter he said his wages are not yet given. I was kinda wondering about this since he has no work there. I just reasoned out he might be talking about his daughter's money. I told him I will have my money the next day so I might as well talked to him at Facebook that night to clarify some things. When I went online he was not there. The next day he send me another message. I asked him how can I get the payment since I can just purchase about 4 of those (P500 each). He gave me a vague answer that he will send it to me to wherever he can send it. Since I was at this time doubtful. I asked him his full name and he never reply. Since I got my suspicion confirmed I told him to stop sending me message or that I will complain about him to the NTC and let my policeman uncle run after him. That was the end of the story. Glad that I did not fall into his trap. When I told my story to an office mate she told me that her mother was victimized too by the same modus operandi. I am posting it here so that people will be aware of this.
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