I cannot really MORE !

@alberello (4755)
August 13, 2011 7:42pm CST
What would you do if you can not handle more than someone living in your home and behave in a manner not entirely correct? Well just know that I am at the limit of endurance, lived with a person who: - Ask me ever money - Ever fun of me when I express my opinion - Come into my room ever trying to find something useful - It is believed more than me Etc. Know that I am at the limit of endurance, just as is the case to say: I cannot really MORE!
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@toniganzon (51728)
• Philippines
16 Aug 11
Talk to that person and tell that person honestly you can't just handle that kind of treatment anymore. As far as I know, you live with your parents and if you're referring to them then I think at your age it's time for you to move out and find your own place. But if youre not referring to them but to another inhabitant of your house, then talk t that person. If you can no longer endure find your own place where you can have your own privacy.
• United States
14 Aug 11
I would talk to them and tell them what they're doing wrong, and tell them to shape up and stop. Maybe they don't know they're making you mad. Then if it continues in the next couple days kick them out!!