learning when to let go..

August 14, 2011 3:35am CST
Hello mylotters..Did you experienced of letting go of someone that you really love? It's like you let go of that person because you don't want other person to be hurt if you didn't do such? Lat night, I had watched a tv program. Actually Every Saturday night, my mom and I are always watching that. The story is all about a girl who lost her dad because of nose cancer. And when she she fall in love her boyfriend also left her because he founds someone new. She don't want to fall in love again because she don't want to feel the pain that she experienced when her boy friend left her. But love really finds it's way. She meet a guy and she fall in love with him. But she gets scared of being hurt again so instead of telling the guy what she really feels towards him, she just tell the guy that she love him as friend. Not knowing that the guy also love him. Until one day, the guy told the girl that he already have a girl friend. For the third time, the girl feels very hurt knowing that she really love the guy. So she told the guy that she love him and the guy also told her that he love him. But then the guy's girl friend is already pregnant. It is very painful for the girls part but she just accepted it because she don't want the guy and her girl friend to have a trouble because of her since it is already pregnant. How about you? Did you experience letting go of a person that you truly love?
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@hushi22 (4940)
14 Aug 11
that is a very common scenario these days. i have not experienced this situation but i learned to let go when i gave my bf 3 chances of not cheating and he failed. so, i thought the relationship is unproductive at all.
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
For me everybody deserves a second chance but if it is already a 3rd chance and same old things happen I don't think you should hold onto it. That is the best time to let go than to pretend that you are still happy with the relationship.
• China
14 Aug 11
I love a girl but she has a boyfriend and she told me that she loved that boy. I have been very bad for a long time. And then I went of her. Most of us would like her/him to be happy. That is to say, maybe it is a good choice to go of the lover at a right time.
• Philippines
14 Aug 11
Yes. If you really love that person, let go. In that way you only show her that you really love her because you choose to be hurt so that she can be on the one that she truly love. Thank you for the response and welcome to mylot!