We are sedentary!

@didi13 (2927)
August 14, 2011 6:52am CST
In a few decades ago, even if there is no a culture of mass sports, people do much more moving than today, we are stuffed with information about the need to sport. If we count how many roads did decades ago, I noticed that today we need to run several miles every day to be at least the effort of past years. Because I was not remote, even in our sedentary watches watching TV dozens of times we rise from the sofa to change the channel to another or to give up the volume. Because no washing machines or vacuum cleaners were not too prevalent, women were cleaning the house clean with their hand every inch of linoleum and hand washing sheets and curtains (the latter have disappeared, meanwhile, the postmodern landscape of homes). Children did not have Nintendo, Wii or PSP, so in order to pass their free time as fun as possible, beat ball, or ride a bike. I remember with pleasure the watches they spent with my friends on the street or playing volleyball or jumping rope, doing gymnastics competitions and evolving ramp in many a spacious yard. Nowadays, when you meet, send their children to each other many a song from activating the Bluetooth phone and the only move they make throughout the operation is to ring a little song in rhythm again, placed in your phone more performing. We are more sedentary, and exhortations to lead a healthy life make us the more avant shrugged, that our desire to be convinced that is enough ample enough to force us to move, you deserve to be taken into account . But I struggled with my children's habits of sitting in front of my computer and do a debt of honor to speak on the significance of sport in our lives. And because I have beautiful children, healthy and happy, give myself and sedentary habits often run and jump and fly with them in the most beautiful of my endeavor in recent years.
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@SIMPLYD (86528)
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
I totally agree with you. With the changing inventions on mechanical things , we will be getting more sedentary because there will come a time when everything will be automatic. Even switching on the lights is now just by clapping your hands. See? Our movements are becoming less and less, so it's up to us to add movements to our everyday life so as not to be sedentary and have those deadly diseases.
@pibi713 (187)
• China
15 Aug 11
I am a typical couch potato, I spend more than ten hours sitting in front of the computer. Every moring when I get up, the first I do is turning on my computer. I can not resist it, I am addictive to the computer. However, I feel tired most of the time no matter how many hours I sleep. I am not satisfied with myself.Becuse I used to have a very healthy lifestyle. I got up in the 6.a.m., did everything efficiently in the daytime, went to bed befor 11 p.m. And I never felt tired. I was happy and contented. I have had a bad habit now. I should change.
• Philippines
15 Aug 11
I truly agree with you, that would also apply with how we use our mental abilities.Me, myself admits I used to be good in making mental computations and estimations, but nowadays I tend to depend on calculators or you can't believe it, I even browse for mathematical solutions online which I know I can do in writing but its just that I always felt that I am always in a hurry to know things and get things done right away. I need there it isn't bad if we sometimes go back to basics and face challenges with own resources. (^+^)
@QeeGood (1214)
• Sweden
14 Aug 11
Yes, I agree that it can be seen we're sedentary now a days. I try to keep myself and my youngest daughter in doing regular exercises. We're horse back riding and walking and biking weekly. When its possible we go by bike instead of taking the car. Can we walk we do that depending on the distance. Any games like Nintendo, Wii or PsP or any in that catagory aren't in our home. Cell phone and computer do we have. Physical exercises are wellness.