Should I eat before or after excercise.

United States
August 14, 2011 8:50am CST
If you are trying to lose weight, the most important thing is burning calories, right? It is also important that you burn calories from stored fat and not from food you just ate. Which is why I think I should eat after excercise, I am not a professional and this is just my opinion, but more calories are burned this way. I have noticed the difference in my waste line. So if you are struggling to lose weight, try eating after you excercise and not before.
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@xuyxuy (435)
• Philippines
7 Sep 11
I've read from a magazine that you can eat before exercising but not too much since you might just vomit what you eat. Eating low glycemix index food is also advisable. The suggestion that I can remember is that, if you have a pair of whole wheat and peanut butter sliced bread, you can eat half of the bread before exercising and consume the other half after exercising.
@ljames85 (294)
• Canada
7 Sep 11
Its all a matter of what u have. I was at one time over weight. And the amount it changed in a matter of a year was amazing with jard work and dedication. Remember that nutrtion is one of the biggest things in weight loss. Before your work out lets say 30mins. Have an apple and peanuts or hummus dip somethingbwith protein. The apple gives you the sugar that your body needs for your workout but the protein helps the body slow the process of the sugars being burnt so you can stay at peak performance. After your workout have hard boiled eggs, banana, chocolate milk etc. And make sure you drink plenty of water threw out the day you need to replace i think its 8x the amount of water you sweat out in your workout. Sleep helps your muscles rebuilt and this is the point they spend rebuilding the most.
• United States
29 Aug 11
Eat after, because if you eat before A. You may risk throwing up alll your food, and trust me I know, and B. Even after you finish exercising you still burn fat and calories, and sugars for the rest of the day, the best exercise to do is HIIT, I lost 20 pounds in a month by doing this and proper diet.