Should I be worried?

August 14, 2011 10:44am CST
Should I be worried, because I think my dreams the moment more exciting than real life? I find life very dull at present, nothing special. Of course I have goals in life and I will give my best in order to achieve these. I also have hobbies and so on. But right now it is so that I find even dreams more exciting than real life. That's why I'm always a bit sad when I wake up again and realize that it is not the reality. In real life, but it's just about to get it right every day and I have to worry about, no matter what it is, always the same in principle. And in the dream it is so that I can do anything I want. Is it normal that I feel that way? I have no plan.
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
19 Aug 11
I'd like to have your dreams. I dream mostly only bad things Just think that you have something refusal fears. That you do not have to. Be glad that you are so beautiful things are dreaming. If it is really serious, then you are dreaming more bad things. So you can log in at least the night recovering well. Sure, life is not a carrot, but You must not even look CLOSE seriously. Have fun and still go after other things. Try to find the equalizer.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
17 Aug 11
Can you also control your dreams? (Great dream, nightmare?) Lose yourself in dreams not, life is fantastic enough. Somehow that sounds to you as if you were at your PC "SECOND LIFE" play. Do not be crazy, you have only n `Hangover.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
16 Aug 11
It's great if you have nice dreams, you still remember them. Dreams are the brain to clean up your thoughts. "The hard disk is cleaned up." Enjoy the dreams, yes there are no nightmares. If you have the regular something wrong, but it is normal as anyone else, though, it actually means: You're on the satisfaction scale 0-10 is closer to 7 + X.
• Indonesia
16 Aug 11
As long as you do not escape into a fantasy world and forget about the normal life completely, that's not so bad, what you just experience it. In dreams you supposedly handled very much. Maybe your dreams are reflected in the contradictory moment your secret wishes and desires. Dreaming is what is beautiful-just enjoy. If you your life is too boring, then try it a bit to what can be of your dreams a reality. Man can not do in life but EVERYTHING that you want, but sometimes more than you think or dare. So if you want more out of your life, then be brave and full speed ahead!
• Indonesia
15 Aug 11
You write about the "real life" and separating them from dreaming and obviously between strongly and quite naturally. Dreams are often "only" processing and throw out unimportant, but not always! Would not just rich and the Wayne Wayne;-) convey a message - if you wake up sad, suggests me that you your goals in life - at least for now. Maybe you have not even shake up the lives and build only small, exciting things? Take the simple idea of ??dreams as a donor. And yes, it's normal, I think (even your life stage). And even useful, if you so nice to yourself is not the same and says "Oh, is ridiculous." On a more exciting life.
• Philippines
14 Aug 11
Dreams are really meant to be more exciting than the real life. Real life is dull at most. There are certain ups that I also enjoy but most of it, I'd rather sleep on them. Tnat's why sometimes I'd rather play video games all day than go to work. My life is slowly turning into a routine, I hate it.
• United States
14 Aug 11
You will be just fine after while. don't worry yourself about it. You will do what you need to in due time.