Just saw a Swedish movie called Darling

@vegegirl (828)
August 14, 2011 12:26pm CST
I just watched a foreign language movie that was quite strange, sad and thought provoking. There was a young woman working in Gucci, she had a nice boyfriend and lived somewhere nice with her mum. There was an older man who's wife had left him for a younger man, he had been retrenched as an electrical engineer and kept looking for work. In some parts of the movie I guessed the man must be the young woman's father as you never saw him with his daughter, he would just talk to her on the phone and she was always a little busy to talk to him, but she had children. The young girl never saw her dad in the movie. The young woman slept around on her boyfriend once. He found out and dumped his girlfriend. She got fired from Gucci, and her mum had gone overseas with her boyfriend so the young woman couldn't pay her bills or get money from the government so eventially she got a job at McDonalds which she thought was way below her. The older man got a job eventually, but they didn't keep him on because they thought he was too old for their image then he was looking for work again and he also ended up working at McDonalds. The pair struck up an unlikely friendship for a short time until she stood him up because she had run into people who basically gave her a better offer. She got offered another job in a boutique to start straight away, never went back to McDonalds and never phone the older man who had come over to fix her kitchen when she stood him up. YOu kept seeing the man packing his things in boxes throughout the movie although you weren't sure why and in the end he was staying at his daughter's but told her he could get another place soon and she was happy that he was going to go. So it was a strange, sad ending but I guess the deep story was that people can strike up unlikely friendships out of need but some people are a bit shallow and will then drop their new friend when it doesn't suit their image. Have you seen movies that seemed to have strange endings or seemed strange throughout it as the movie would give you glimpses that some things were happening, like the man packing his stuff up all the time, but not telling you where he was going?
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@rafiholmes (2897)
• Malaysia
14 Aug 11
Darling? is it really good.. maybe i will seek it out..just to check out.. whats the real swedes title ..?do u know?
@vegegirl (828)
• Australia
15 Aug 11
I'm not sure of the swedish name, it was on tv and I just saw that if was called Darling, and I thought I had heard of it. Yes it's good, although strange and I think it was deep. It starts off seeming shallow but the more you watch it the deeper I think it gets, it is also a little sad and it's not really about love exactly but about relationships.
• Philippines
14 Aug 11
That's an interesting and strange movie. I think I've seen the title before, it's just that I've passed on it. I have a couple of foreign movies at home but I'm too tired of watching it. I don't really like strange movies. Strange in a sense that the whole thing becomes abstract. I like it ordinarily strange.