is movie is a thief of hour

August 14, 2011 2:05pm CST
hai friend iam here with new discussion "is movie is a thief of hour" one of my friend believe that movie is a thief of hour, according to me i feel that movie is a entertainment part in life, we are willfully leaving an hour to movie to watch then how it could be thief of hour, this is my discussion, evey one has their own view, i feel movie is not a thief of hour untill you sacrifice an hour willfully to watch movie, give me your valuable opinion on this discussion have a great day
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@catof1 (683)
• United States
14 Aug 11
I think that it depends on the person or people you are hanging around. For me some movies are a wast of my time or the hour spent watching it, while at other times I want to watch the movie again and again back to back. I love to learn and see new things and movies and televsions as well as books allows me to do so. I can not do most things outside and do things that others can do, so the way I live is through others and what I watch or read.
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• India
15 Aug 11
hai friend what you said is right it depends up on person or people, some people watches movies two times three times because they love to enjoy such a type of movies and willfully leaving hrs to watch it any way nice response from you, and you got good taste like love to see and learn new things have a nice day
@koperty3 (1877)
15 Aug 11
I love watching films. This is very good form of relax for me. As you asking if watching films take your precious time away so I can answer you that this is true. But after hard day at work you deserve for entertainment and time to relax.
• India
15 Aug 11
hai koperty the discussion i started "is movie is a thief of hour" we r leaving our precious time willfully to watch movie then how can it be thief of hour? still i cant realise this question, why because every one has their own view on this point,in your point of view it is right,mean while we r getting entertainment for that hr also, thanks for your response koperty have a great day
• India
17 Aug 11
Depending upon the theme of the movies it can be decided to waste time on watching the movie. I think that violence movies to be avoided to use our time for good purpose.