What are the top questions you wish to ask a politician today?

United States
August 14, 2011 11:32pm CST
1. Why isn't Washington working? 2. Which branch of government The House, the Senate or The White House should get the most blame. Name one person in each branch who has done a good job and one who has done a bad job. 3. I believe both politically and economically The president should have used the 14th amendment states he as president has responcibilty to make sure the bills are paid. Why are why not? 4. Members of The Congressional Tea party stated they would hold out not raise the debt ceiling even if the government broke down. Do you believe the Tea party movement is positive or negative? 5. what can Washington do to create jobs in the community? What can we do? 6. All sides are to blame but which side receives the most blame for the credit rating drop? 7. Will President Obama have a hard time winning reelection Why or Why not? 8 What must President Obama do to win reelection or what a republican do to beat him? 9. Who will be the Last two Republicans standing? Name other questions you think would be good
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