And again I'm ordering a McDonalds to lunch..

August 15, 2011 10:27am CST
I just ordered a Big Mac with banana pie to my lunch. If it's not Mc Donald's, it's another type of delivery food. I need help!! I'm spending too much money on food deliveries. I don't have time to cook on lunch time (usually, I don't have even an hour to eat) and I need a good food. Please, give me some tips to what to do to lunch.
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@Rick1950 (1577)
• Lima, Peru
16 Aug 11
Hi! I think you need to get advice of a nutritionist in order to eat well and healthy. Try to arrange a meeting with him/her. I guess you are studying in the university. Maybe in there there is a dining room where you can eat. Also near you are could be a family house where you can get pension. In my opinion these alternatives are cheaper than delivery food.
• United States
15 Aug 11
Hi moneywinner, I would say to pre-plan a little as you grocery shop. So that you can pre-plan something for lunch for the week. Perhaps while making dinner you can routinely plan a salad and or sandwich for which might be a bit healthier and or money saving too. I am sure it is a bit difficult to do in the beginning but if you somehow condition your mind to remember during dinner time about lunch for the next day you can do this daily. It can be hard to do so daily as we sort of do not think about the next days meal the day before. Good luck and Cheers to a healthier lifestyle. This will allow you to save, if you sit and calculate what you spend daily on lunch that could be a bit of savings per month.
@marguicha (103683)
• Chile
15 Aug 11
Dear friend, It is very easy to make sandwichs, once you learn how and buy some thing all at once at the super. I always have cut ham or salami (or any of those thingass you like). I wash and dry lettuce and place them in plastic bags in the fridge. I buy tomatoes, dill pickles (if you like them) and laminated cheese). With that and bread (the kind you like) you can make yummy and cheap sandwichs. I also roast a chicken once in a while and cut it up and mix it with mayo and diced sweet pepper. You can buy canned sweet pepper and put it in a container in the fridge as it lasts long. There are lots of good and inexpensive desserts at supermarkets. You can take with you from jello to all sorts of desserts with milk. They cme in yogurt like containers, sealed and clean. Depending in what part of Brasil you live, you can also buy a cheap dish of rice and fish and eat it in less than an hour. I´ve dne that the times I have gone to your country. I´m sure there arwe cheap and clean places to eat near your work. Don´t fall for the junk fod: you´ll end up fat and ugly! Let us, Latin Americans, rejoice on our good food, our slim bodies our good customs