Change world?

August 15, 2011 12:42pm CST
What will you do, if you will have chance to change world? Just think, that you are king of world and do everything. So what will u do? You change something for better or change nothing?
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@redredrose (1107)
• United States
22 Nov 12
If i were queen of the world i would stop all the wars and never have any more wars. I would also try and help the homeless and starving all over the world. War what is it good for nothing yall. So i would stop all wars and finally have world peace. Then i would get all the homeless people and starving people and abused animals and kids to be better have homes and food and never been homeless hungry or abused again.
@ladyfeli (52)
• Malaysia
9 Feb 12
If i have the grace to change the world the only thing i will do is to turn people's heart back to God the creator of heavens and earth, i will make human to realize that God exist and that He is worthy of all our praises every seconds,that He is a God of love, He Himself is love and ever faithful.I believe that once i'm able to achieve this, every other things will be very simple.
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
24 Sep 11
If I hv the power to change the world and anything in the world, I would start by changing the hearts of human beings. I hv come across too many people who are very insecure or power-hungry that they wld resort to unscrupulous means to get what they want. Next, I will issue an edict to ensure that the rich will always lend a helping hand to the poor. This way, the income gap between the rich and the poor would be narrowed. Thirdly, I will issue an edict to make volunteer work compulsory for everyone. Over time, this will ensure that people generally hv hearts that beat with compassion for the less fortunate. This will bring abt a more gracious world where people are not self-centred or selfish. Lastly, if I hv the power to change the world, I will make sure that people live in harmony with one another regardless of race, religion, language or background.
@cindy12 (88)
• China
19 Aug 11
If I have the chance to change the world, I will make everyone equal for the fortune and treasure.There is no rich or poor,so there will be no rob, war, steal,etc some bad things happen. I will make the nature as good as before, and I will do many things to protect them.
• India
17 Aug 11
if iam the king,their wont be many nations,i would unite all of them into one,removing all the differences and unite them into one nation,truth is its a dream,i think it may be a reality in future,the nations are all selfish thinking about their own need but if a greater need is seen they will unite,i think the GLOBAL WARMING will be the factor that may unite the world in distant future........
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
15 Aug 11
If I could I would get rid of poverty because it gives much upset in this world that we live in. This would mean that every person would get enough food and drink. It would also mean that everyone would have a roof over their head. I think that would give happiness, be like good luck and promote good health. It would make a very good change to the world if this was possible.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
15 Aug 11
I probably wan to end all the senseless wars presently wage in our world, it may sound like a grand idea but in reality, it is extremely difficult to achieve. Leader in different nations seldom like to preserve peace except use war to achieve political goal and reach personal ambition in the present leadership we have in our world.